The Origin Story of how "Apocalypse" went from Screenplay to Graphic Novel

Written by Ryan McCoy
April 6th, 2019

It was around September of 2017. My business partner, Josh Boyer, and I were trying anything we could to get a movie project off the ground. I had written several screenpays of varying budgets, but it’s nearly impossible to attach money without talent and vice versa. I was taking meetings with anyone and everyone, just to see if a spark hit.

one person in particular I had been trying to schedule a meeting with was Richard Edlund. richard is a 3-time Oscar winner for visual effects. He did all the Star Wars films, Indiana Jones, Alien 3, amung a plethera of others. He was related to my wife at the time and it took me six years, but I finally got an hour of his time.

I met him in his office in Santa Monica for an hour. I spent the first 30 minutes geeking out and having him tell me “old school” Hollywood stories. The second half hour, I spent showing him what projects and scripts I had. I showed told him about my screenplay for “Apocalypse” and told him we had already filmed sh=ome short film prequels for it. He said something I had never thought of before, and it took me two weeks to convince myself it was a good idea, but he said, “Have you thought about turning this one into a graphic novel? A lot of producers are doing that to get their projects off the ground and some even get financing before the book is pubished.”

As I said, I initially blew it off. But, I let the thought noode in my brain for a bit. I brought the idea to Josh and he said he was on board. Now, the questionwas how do we do that? Along comes Steve Stern.

Josh and I had met with another comic artist, younger, less experienced, but she was gung-ho to do it, until she bailed about a week or two after we initially met. I found Steve online and Josh and I met him for coffee. He told us that about four years ago, he started a business taking screenplays and adapting them to graphic novels and it’s really taken off for him. Josh and I were convinced and we signed up with Steve.

There were several bumps along the way. The artist we chose would not produce any pages for a month, and we’d have to kick his butt in gear, etc. This must have happened at least half a dozen times. But, we stuck with it, and slowly but surely, we began to make progress.

Now, here we are, a year and a half later, and the book is almost complete. All of the artwork is done, the lettering is close to being finished, and the cover is being drawn as I type.

What comes out of this, who knows, but I think this is a great lesson, not only for a producer who wants to get their story to screen, but also for anyone, really, who wants to achieve something in life, that it takes time, persistance, and never giving up.